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November 2015

135 people from 32 Yes We Must member schools met to create collaborative approaches to better serve low-income students.

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New Program

New YWM Student Exchange Program

This program offers students from member institutions the opportunity to expand their horizons through semester and summer exchanges.

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  • Contribute to the attainment
    of the 2020 national goal to increase the number of students achieving college degrees.
  • Be a national voice to advocate for students from low-income backgrounds and the role of institutions and organizations that effectively serve them.
  • Work to improve graduation rates for low-income students.

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The Yes We Must Coalition brings together private colleges and universities and affiliated organizations and individuals who are committed to access to higher education and success through to graduation for low income/1st generation students. 

If you are a supporter of greater equity in higher education, of improving college graduation rates for underrepresented students, and of collaborative processes that reduce college costs and increase student success, please join us.

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There has never been an organization for private colleges
that serve significant numbers
of students from low-income backgrounds. The very designation “private college” inaccurately suggests service to the wealthy.
To the contrary, nearly 100 small, non-profit, private colleges and universities provide all the benefits
of personalized, relationship-based education mainly to students from low-income backgrounds. These students are often the first in their families to attend college and are often students of color or students from rural white America.

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